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Emerald Stone

Emerald stone

Green, by nature, is the most calming of all the colors on the color wheel. It encourages growth, reflection, peace and balance. It also represents healing and fertility. The verdant tones reflected in the jewel are tempered by a cool blue which symbolizes a steadfast bond.Emerald gemstone can be used for both astrological purpose and for jewelry purpose. For Astrological Purpose: Emerald gemstone is related to Planet mercury and is worn to reduce the effects of pain caused by bad position of Mercury in your horoscope.

Emerald Stone
  • Has Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Benefits
  • Awakens their mystical and psychic intuition.
  • Duly tested and approved stones
  • Instill Faithfulness, loyalty, and spontaneity
  • Ideal for auric balancing and healing

Demanded by
  • Mechanical Industries
  • Jewelry industry
  • General Fashion industry