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Ethiopian Welo Opal Stone

Ethiopian Welo Opal

Believed to be a derivative of the Sanskrit word ‘upata’ —meaning precious stone — or the Greek Word ‘oppallios’ — meaning to see a change in color — it’s easy to get lost in the fiery rainbow hues of opals. One of the most recent discoveries in the world of opal stones came with the uncovering of a mine in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia in 2008. A new cache of unique hydrophane opals were found buried beneath volcanic rocks in Wegal Tena village, hence why the term Welo opals and Wegal Tena opals refer to the same stones from this mine.

Ethiopian Welo Opal Stone?
  • Has Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Benefits
  • Awakens their mystical and psychic intuition.
  • Duly tested and approved stones
  • Instill Faithfulness, loyalty, and spontaneity
  • Ideal for auric balancing and healing

Demanded by
  • Healers
  • Jewelry industry
  • General Fashion industry